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A media platform that shares your 360 ° video content with SNS. Displays the images on the map and shows the images around the user location based on GPS.


If you upload your panorama video on as you would send an email to someone Bideomap automatically provides the Geotag to the location where the video was produced.
You can save 360 ° virtual tour videos for each tour category which will enable you to enjoy them anywhere and anytime as a map-based service, and you can also share them to Facebook, etc.



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Media community which shares map-based 360 VR videos The excitement of rotating the world / the excitement of turning the world over

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Bideomap allows you to create or join a video community.
There are several topics that you can share the video with others and get info from the video that others uploaded.

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You can watch other videos and checking the recent video from Blog category.
There are many Best videos that you can enjoy and get the inspiration from these.