Get attention with 360° media and increase the cilck rate!

'360Hexa' is a web application helps you creating 360​​° VR contents. An easy and quick uploader for creating 360° VR content which can be shown on a any web browsers.


Simple and Powerful

No plug-ins and additional tools are required. All you need is web browser. Easy-to-use editor for all kinds of media contents e.g. 3D objects, text comments, images etc.


360° media for everyone to enjoy

360Hexa player supports devices like computers or smartphones. You may share the content you built via a web hypherlink.

360Hexa EDITOR


Easy and fast editing

An easy-to-use editor interface, which makes sure you would never miss any corner on the 360° view.



Attach related media content (text, image, link, audio, 3D object) to the view

360Hexa PLAYER


Viewing quick tour without installing plug-in

Attach the HTML code into a media article to show it. 360Hexa will do the rest for you.

Edge (≥ 16), Chrome (≥ 57), Firefox (≥ 52), Safari (≥ 11), Android browser (≥ 8), iOS (≥ 10) (Internet Explorer not supported)


Analytics of user's preferences through heatmap

To analyze user's movement and preference with heatmap. You are able to view at a glance which scene you are interested in.

Field of application

Enhance the quality of your articles with content created with the editor.

#1. Media

Display the 360° content like it is real.

3D ads helps promoting your product and attracting users.

#2. Real Estate

Like a cyber model houses.360° VR home makes virtual home tour interesting.

구로월드메르디앙 | Guro World Meridian

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