User Creating
360°VR community Platform


bideomap is based on 360° VR video playback technology.
Everyone can upload 360° VR video to the map.

User services

User/Place owner provides customized services through specific targeting.
Users can search for 360 ° videos of tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and places they have been curious.
And you can experience the joy of creating your own travel route by posting your own videos, not just searching.


Travel Records on World Map

Save your own travel videos’ route on a map.
It allows you to design your travel (sightseeing, tour spot, restaurant, shopping).
A new kind of 360
° VR travel theme route SNS that user can share it via Facebook, Google++, etc.

Realistic Virtual Tour

Check out restaurants, accommodation, and activity areas on your mobile or PC.
We are supporting VR mode that can be seen with google cardboard, Gear VR, etc.
Not just watch, but get info how to go there, and see the street view on there with just one tab.

Place owner services

User/Place owner provides customized services through specific targeting.
Hashtag,Coupons enable place owner to effectively promote your space to customers around the world.
In addition, we provide statistics of videos and place owner can manage with it.
Place owner

YouTube + Google Local Advertisement

A video will be uploaded on YouTube, shown on Google Map, and linked to Google My Business search area.
Advertiser can provide navigation information regarding the location on the video.
It is possible to promote a store by providing a coupon and check videos and coupons’ detailed statistics.